Friday, March 29, 2013


A good communicator is one who cans takes himself/herself to the level of the person or group whom he/she is addressing. To me communication is about exchange of ideas and information in the simplest manner so that it can be easily sends and then easily decoded by the receiver. Also, a feedback by the receiver will make it more effective. A good communicator must have five communication skills (reading, writing. speaking, and listening, non-verbal communication)
As a good communicator DR. Muhammad Yunus is one of them.
As a speaker:
                   As a speaker Dr. yunus voice is much strong.his speech is to change the world from poverty. We can say him as an artist of speaking.  Because by his idea and speech now rural poor people are interested to be self confident. His speech make a great affect every single person to be self dependent.
As a writer:
                   As a writer Dr. yunus is one of the best communicator. On ‘Micro-credit’ system and “social entrepreneur” he wrote so many books. This is so much famous to businessperson. In “Micro-credit’- micro loans to the poor and serves as a catalyst for improving social- economic conditions.
As a reader:
                    As a reader DR. yunus is one of the best communicator in this world. As an honorable person he has to read so many books, papers etc. in seminars, awards ceremony he gave all kind of information about economics. It is not possible without reading.
As a leader:
                   Listening is the most powerful form of communication. Dr. yunus is an excellent listener. He can accept any question. He knows that communication is not a kind of entertainment but hard work for the audience and oneself.
As a non verbal communicator:
                                                Just reading, writing, listing, speaking is not mentions a proper communicator. Non verbal communication is an important part for a good communicator. Dr. yunus is perfect person with his non verbal communication. By his non verbal communication he can express what his view point. And everything is just adjusted with him.

From the discussion we can say that Dr. yunus is  a good communicator. He will remain as a symbol of dedication, simplicity and greatness for the generations to come of our country and of the world.

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